ITA Mission Statement

The International Teachers Association is a global organization dedicated to providing employment services to teachers around the world. We are a non-profit organization that offers placement to teachers that teach English, French, Spanish, Chinese, math, physics, biology, chemistry, art, music, drama, economics, physical education, social studies, history, geography, special education, ICT, primary, middle, and secondary.

As a venue for educators, ITA is a resource that is unmatched in proficient placement of professionals. In addition to securing unparalleled teaching opportunities, we also secure employment for principals, department heads, librarians, counselors, and curriculum coordinators.

Thousands of teachers from over 30 countries have become associates in order to secure gainful employment throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, and Latin America. If you are a globally minded teacher that is interested in international job placement and networking within the spectrum of educational organizations around the world, email us at and let the ITA work for you..

Education professionals that join ITA will have access to a global market and assistance navigating it. 

Our members have the following services available to them free of charge:

           . global vacancy lists by country

           . resume bank for employer preview 

           . employment counseling

           . instant job notification 

           . recruiting fairs preview

           . message board preview

           . newspaper and articles preview

To join the ITA, just submit the following information:

           . a copy of your CV and resume

           . specify the position(s) that you are interested in securing

           . identify the countries that you are interested in securing employment




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